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The Lobster collection is a limited edition capsule designed with Gourmode.

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The Lobster Collection

Josephine Ring

€ 90.00


Golden pinky ring deliberately imperfect, characterised by voluptuous shape and decorated with a perl that is not perfectly spherical, each one particularly unique.  Dedicated to the gorgeous ballerine going wild in her iconic banana skirt, Josephine Baker.

Material: 24k goldplated brass
Stone: pearl of the river

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Ring size. Adjustable ring size suitable for the little finger / ring finger ranging from 14 to 16 in diameter.

  • Nickel Free
  • Made in Italy


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Perfumes, hair sprays, make-up and various types of products could in fact damage them. We remove the earrings when we go to the hairdresser and the rings and bracelets to the beautician.

A light home cleaning of our joys should also be carried out. Especially the pieces we wear every day and which are more prone to getting dirty like rings. Just use a soft microfiber cloth.

Our jewels are carefully handcrafted by our experienced teams, using the finest materials. They are nichel and camdio free.

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